The BreastMapper®

The Tractus Breastmapper® is an innovative technology solution that allows the highly precise nature of ultrasound to be used for complete breast imaging, and is especially effective for the nearly half of all women over 40 that have dense breasts. As an adjunct procedure, ultrasound imaging has been shown to double detection rates over mammography alone.

  • FDA 510(k) cleared device
  • unique patented process ensures complete breast coverage
  • adapts to virtually all ultrasound devices
  • efficient and comfortable patient workflow
  • rapid physician review can be deferred or remote
  • similar file size and study load time to mammography

BreastMapper® Workflow



    Technician scans quickly, confirming complete coverage of the breast and high-quality images.



    Physician reviews images in the comfort of her reading room, without distraction.



    Graphic interface module produces a structured & detailed report in seconds.

Ultrasound as an Adjunct to Mammography

Decades of studies demonstrate that adding ultrasound as an adjunct to mammography for dense-breasted patients can double the detection rate.