About us

Our Story

Tractus was founded to address the specific need in the healthcare marketplace for a low-cost software and hardware platform for whole breast ultrasound. The combined system uses a unique accessory probe that clips onto standard ultrasound systems and integrates with a proprietary software suite for reviewing and reporting the whole breast ultrasound scan. Our primary device is the BreastMapper®, and potentially doubles the discovery of small, treatable breast cancers often missed by mammography in dense-breasted women.

This is an important cause, as nearly half of all women in the U.S. over the age of 40 present with dense breasts, and study after study shows that ultrasound is an important adjunctive methodology for dense breast detection. Federal law now requires that mammography facilities include breast density information in reports sent to patients and physicians. This emphasizes the reality that millions of women are currently underserved by mammography each year.

Tractus has been awarded two FDA 510(k) approvals for both its whole breast ultrasound accessory product and its software reviewing package, and has received a patent for its proprietary process ensuring complete breast coverage, with two more patents pending.

Furthermore, whole breast ultrasound is covered by Medicare and most private insurers.


Our MIssion

At Tractus we are dedicated to superior patient healthcare, by creating innovative and efficient whole breast ultrasound solutions that empower healthcare providers to best serve their communities. By investing in modern research and development practices, Tractus is inspired to facilitate the widespread access to full spectrum whole breast ultrasound that ensures the comprehensive detection that all patients deserve.