Tractus BreastMapper®

  • tractus-whole-breast-coverage


    Documents the entire breast, including the axilla and inframammary fold.

  • tractus-existing-ultrasound


    Easily integrates as an accessory for most common ultrasound systems.

  • tractus-rapid-workflow


    Examination and review times similar to common mammography processes.

Whole Breast Ultrasound has Many Benefits for Women with Dense Breasts

  • shown to discover up to 100% more invasive cancers than mammography alone
  • together with mammography produces a more complete clinical screening program
  • reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurers

Clinical Literature Shows Increased Detection with Ultrasound

BreastMapper® allows whole breast ultrasound with your existing equipment

Tractus Allows Whole Breast..

As a result of a study involving Automated Breast Ultrasound as an adjunct procedure, Dr. Georgia Giakoumis-Spear at the North Shore University System reported:

“These results were astonishing to us”

Automated Breast Ultrasound outperforms DBT [Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography)] in Cancer Detection Rate: (12 per 1,000 screens vs 3.6 per thousand screens): in Positive Predictive Value (17% vs 3.6%); and in lower Call Back Rate (7% vs. 10.7%) when evaluating women with dense breast tissue.

—Giakoumis-Spear et al (Poster October 2017 ARRS Annual Meeting)