Information For Clinicians

Add Whole Breast Ultrasound to Your Comprehensive Wellness Program

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    Ultrasound typically detects smaller and more node-negative cancers than mammography in dense breasts.

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    Nearly half of all women in the US over the age of 40 present with dense breast tissue, and can benefit from whole breast ultrasound.

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    The BreastMapper® is available with no capital outlay by utilizing our affordable per usage cost model

Rapid & Effective Whole Breast Ultrasound is Now Available

The Tractus BreastMapper® is a modern workflow solution for traditional ultrasound machines that empowers clinicians to provide clinically efficient whole breast ultrasound. The BreastMapper® system helps clinicians expand their breast screening program, and provide the same confidence in their wellness care of dense-breasted patients as fatty-breasted patients.

The Benefits of Whole Breast Ultrasound

  • reported same false-positive rate as mammography
  • efficient & comfortable patient procedure
  • whole breast ultrasound is reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurers
  • ultrasound can detect cancers that are sub-centimeter and node-negative

The Benefits of the BreastMapper®

  • uses existing ultrasound equipment
  • small room footprint and highly portable
  • rapid procedure in similar length of time to mammogram
  • documents the entire breast, including the axilla and inframammary fold
  • rapid physician review can be deferred or remote
  • graphic interface module produces a structured & detailed report in seconds
  • file size and study load time similar to mammography
  • integrates with PACS platforms
  • no capital outlay by utilizing affordable per usage cost model
  • FDA 510(k) cleared device